Lake Eyre To Mt Kosciuszko On 2 Wheels

4 weeks ago

Paul Begg and Matt Holmes are well known in the Australian cycling community through their riding exploits and long-standing contributions to the industry. Both are passionate riders, and both have overcome cancer in recent years. The popular duo’s fundraising initiative – called “Salt2Snow” – is their way of giving back to the many incredible people who dedicate their lives to cancer treatment.

Riding Specialized’s new Turbo Levo e-bike, their journey through cancer and its treatments will extend to taking on the long dirt roads from Lake Eyre in South Australia, across the deserts and plains into the Great Dividing Range with their destination, Mt Kosciuszko, at the top of Australia in what will be a truly iconic adventure. Here is Matt and Paul’s insight into what Salt2Snow is all about:

Why tackle this ride through the extremes of the Australian landscape?

To raise money and awareness for the two hospitals, doctors, nurses and research teams that Paul and Matt owe their lives to. Salt2Snow is a journey for those that have been affected by cancer and their families.; a ride not too dissimilar from the arduous journey that the many forms of cancer and its treatment take their participants through.

What kind of bikes are being used?

To ride from Australia’s lowest point to its highest on bikes is no small undertaking. What bike to ride was always going to be the question. Specialized’s latest Turbo Levo’s were the obvious answer. Combining the all-terrain ability of a mountain bike with an innovative pedal-assist motor and advanced electronics, they’ll deliver more range to the riders. And that will ease some of the gruelling kilometres of dirt and gravel the route follows. The riders plan to skip major roads for back-ways through some of the country’s most iconic and picturesque terrain.

From the salt of Lake Eyre, the journey will head south through the iconic Flinders Ranges into the Riverina, following the Murray River to Mildura, before heading towards Albury. From the border town, the uphill begins into the lush Alpine National Park with the summit of our tallest peak, Mt Kosciuszko, the destination before the descent to Thredbo. The ride officially ends at the Kosciuszko Brewery with a much-earned celebration.

When & where?

Paul and Matt are set to depart Lake Eyre on the October 20 with a goal of 100-130km per day, making the 1800+ kilometre trip possible in under three weeks, weather permitting.

Who are they supporting?

Paul’s nominated charity is Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, where he revived life-saving treatment for a rare biliary cancer.


Matt’s time spent undergoing new chemotherapy techniques alongside radiation and surgeries for an aggressive Stage 4 lymphatic cancer at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre was backed with research from the Garvan Institute.

www.tkcc.org.au | www.garvan.org.au

How to donate

You can donate to now at www.salt2snow.com.au/2018

By following the Donate Now links, you will be taken to the respective hospitals donation portals so you know all funds are making their way directly to the teams that got Paul and Matt, alongside so many others, to the here and now.
You can also support the cause and show it with pride by purchasing a limited edition Deus Salt2Snow T-shirt on the website with all profits going to the two nominated charities.

“The long road from diagnosis through to treatment and its aftermath, represented by the long highways and byways of the Australian Outback to the top of the High Country.”

Contact Details

For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Matt Holmes

matt@salt2snow.com.au // 0414 4130 43



Salt2Snow is a long-time dream of both riders that has been made possible by an amazing group of partners:

Mitsubishi Australia
Maydena Bike Park
Owlpine Group
[R]evolution MTB Magazine
Troy Lee Designs
Fist Handwear
Drift Bikes
Will Ride ePerformance Bikes

Salt2Snow Website

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