Kenny Roberts and the Yamaha TZ750

9 years ago

In 1975, Kenny Roberts won the Indy Mile riding the legendary Yamaha TZ750. For those who don’t remember, the TZ750 was a liquid cooled four-cylinder two-stroke born in the 70s. Originally Yamaha’s engineers grafted two detuned 350cc engines together that produced 90 horsepower. But Robert’s custom machine built in 1975 was modified to create over 100hp. He rode the almost-uncontrollable powerhouse at the Indy Mile and narrowly won, beating Harley-mounted riders, Springer and Keener. Afterwards, Roberts dropped the legendary line, “They don’t pay me enough to ride that thing,” summing up the uncontrollable power the machine had and the fear it instilled. After 34 years, Roberts returned to the Indy Mile to attempt a ride on the TZ750 once more.

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