Roczen’s Injury Goes from Bad to Worse

7 months ago

Three weeks ago, HRC factory Honda rider, Ken Roczen, offered a fascinating insight into how close he came to losing his arm in the wake of that horrendous crash at Round 3 of the AMA SX Series. But just as things started to look up for the German superstar, he has revealed that the injury is “a lot worse than we first thought.” After undergoing the ninth surgery on his left arm yesterday, Roczen has revealed he is experiencing insane pain, due largely to a bone graft performed during the surgery. An unfortunately for K-Roc, this latest round of surgery isn’t the last. But if you know anything about K-Roc, you’ll know he is one tough dude who will overcome this setback. It’s all part of the road to recovery.

Here’s an excerpt from Roczen’s latest Instagram update on the injury:

“9th surgery yesterday and the pain is insane. They took a bone graft from my tib to repair my scaphoid. Going home tomorrow hopefully. Getting the ex-fix out in couple weeks and might need another surgery on top of that. My injury was a lot worse than we thought. Not always fun when you wake up and u don’t get the news you want to hear.”

If you missed Ken Roczen’s massive crash, you can see it here.

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