Jess Gardiner’s Double Win

5 months ago

A double race win for Gardiner in the opening round of the French Enduro Championship. 

The opening round of the Championnat de France d’enduro last weekend at Le Luc in southern eastern of France saw Jess Gardiner taking a clean sweep on both days to ignite her championship in the best way possible. The two days of competition was quite difficult for Gardiner in some of the tests as she had to try and pass some of the other girls on tracks which were quite tight, which made it pretty “challenging” according to the 24-year-old who now has teamed up with the Rider Camp Yamaha team for the 2017 season. However, Gardiner managed to claim the win with a total time of 28min53.3sec, which was 45.4seconds clear of second place.“I believe the French Championship is a really good series to race in. It’s probably one of the best national championships in the world. Their level of professionalism from everything from the racing, paddock layout even down to the social media side of things is totally amazing,” said Jess Gardiner.

The next round of the Championnat de France d’enduro will take place in Gace´on 13-14 May. Jess Gardiner will now turn her attention to this weekend’s opening round the Women’s EnduroGP series which be held in Puerto Lumbreras, Spain.

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