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2 months ago | Words: Berry Sweet Husqvarna Race Team | Photos: Josh Stephenson

Todd Waters has had a busy start to the year compared to most other Aussie racers. He’s raced the first three rounds of the Australian Off-road Championship (AORC) – his first season of off-road racing, and up until the recent Covid-19 outbreak, he was set to take on the MX Nationals, Supercross, Hattah Desert Race, Manjimup 15,000, and potentially the International Six-Day Enduro (ISDE). But until racing starts back up globally and nationally, Waters is keeping himself busy by becoming the first reigning MX Nationals champion to start up a race team – he’s now the part-owner of the newly formed Berry Sweet Husqvarna Race Team, and teams up with 17-year-old Regan Duffy, the reigning MXD MX Nationals champion. Duffy is set to set up to the MX2 title in the MX Nationals, the Western Australian Motocross Championship, Manjimup 15,000, and the Australian Supercross Championship this year.
Here’s the official news from the Berry Sweet Husqvarna Race Team…

We are pleased to release the official 2020 Berry Sweet Husqvarna Race Team Australia MX/SX/Off-Road.
Todd Waters’ main focus will be on winning a consecutive MX1 title. This year he steps up to fill the role of part team owner and mentor for teammate Regan Duffy. Todd’s race calendar will consist of the MX Nationals, Australian Off-Road Championship, Hattah Desert Race, Manjimup 15000 and the Australian Supercross Championship. 

Todd Waters – Part Team Owner: “We are pleased to release the official 2020 Berry Sweet Husqvarna Race Team Australia MX/SX/Off-Road. The end of 2019 and the start of this year has been filled with excitement, challenges and a lot of phone calls and emails. Just when everything had fallen into place, we are now all facing an uncertain future for racing & sports in Australia and across the world. Despite this, we have a team of great people and sponsors ready to support myself and Regan to achieve our goals this year, whenever our competitions can resume. Coming from opposite sides of the country, Regan and I had similar junior careers. Between us we have nine Junior Australian Motocross Championships, and a lot of kilometres travelling to races with our families. The main focus of our team set up this year, is to replicate that family atmosphere, bring it all back to basics and with a limited budget – spend money where it’s actually important. I’ve spent way too many hours in previous years travelling in a van from my home to the team workshop to pick up bikes and parts. We are creating a setup that allows as little disruption to the riders training programs as possible, something that I think gets lost in a lot of factory teams. I can’t wait to showcase what we’ve created.”

Regan Duffy – MX2 Rider: “So far I’ve only ridden on the standard FC250 and to be honest it’s already a competitive setup. This week we commence testing, I’m excited to see where we can take the engine and suspension. I’m looking forward to stepping into the MX2 class and mixing it with big boys. It’s always hard to know if you will be on pace, but training and working with Todd will give me an opportunity to gauge my fitness and speed. The team has good vibes and a relaxed atmosphere – yet it’s still organised and well structured. I can’t wait to race! In the meantime, Todd and I are putting in the hard work, having fun and pushing each other through this difficult time.”

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