Daniel Sanders Signs with Husqvarna AUS

1 year ago | Words: Husqvarna | Photos: Future7Media, Husqvarna

A couple of weeks ago we ran into Daniel Sanders at a Fox anniversary function, where it became apparent that he was planning on returning down under to race a Husky. But sworn to secrecy, we had to keep tight-lipped until Husqvarna Australia confirmed the deal 100%. It has now been publically acknowledged that the 2016 Australian Off-Road Champion (AORC) Daniel Sanders will be racing for Husqvarna Factory Off-Road Racing Team in 2018. Here is the official news from Husqvarna Australia…

The 23-year-old from Three Bridges, east of Melbourne, shot to international stardom after winning the E3 category of the annual International Six-Day Enduro in 2015, and finishing fourth outright. And the returning a year later to win the E3 class a second straight time, and claiming second outright at an international level in 2016.

Sanders spent 2017 competing in the World E2 Championships for the KTM Factory Team, but has now returned home to attempt to reclaim the Australian Off-Road Championship he dominated in 2016. Adding substantial firepower to the already successful Husqvarna team managed by former motocross pro Christian Horwood, Sanders has been contracted to take on the AORC, A4DE, Hattah as well as a selection of other events.

The exquisite Husqvarna enduro motorcycle range spoils any rider for choice, and the team is yet to confirm which machine Sanders will ride, pending off-season testing.

Daniel Sanders: “It’s a big change for me, after eight years on KTMs. I’m looking forward to it with some renewed motivation. I’m going to be riding a ‘White Knight’, but I don’t know which one yet. I’m having fun at the moment on a FE450; visiting some motocross and enduro tracks and getting a feel for it. Stock standard they’re a magnificent bike and really reliable and enjoyable to ride. Every bike requires a different riding style and you learn something different from each one. I’ve had a bit of time on the 500s in the desert races, and now I’m just waiting for the new TPI bikes to roll into the country to test out too.” Sanders went on to say, “It’ll be good jumping back into the AORC. I think next year will be a much stronger field, and there’s already a lot of hype about it. Daniel’s (Milner) always been a strong rider, but as long as we each have a consistent year, I think it’s going to be pretty close. Right now, I’m nowhere near where I want to be after the season I’ve had. It’s going to be a long summer to be ready in time for Round 1. Then I’ll use that as a stepping stone and go from there.”

Christian Horwood: “I’m very excited to have Chucky onboard for 2018. He’s only young but he has accomplished a lot in his off-road racing career, so it’s great to have a former AORC series champion, Hattah contender and Wildwood winner on-board.” Christan went on to say, “We know that he’s going to be strong both in off-road and some extreme races as well, and after 12 months in Enduro GP, he’s going to bring a lot of experience to share with all of us. I think we’ll all learn a lot from him. He has a couple of options with what he might end up riding yet. He has been known as a two-stroke specialist in the past, but he’s also shown at Hattah that he can ride a big four-stroke at winning pace too, so we need to test a couple of different bikes with him and see what he’s going to be most comfortable on. I’m very excited about it – I can’t wait.”


Name: Daniel Sanders
Team: Husqvarna Factory Off-Road Racing Team
Home town: Three Bridges, Victoria
Date of Birth: 8.30.1994
Height: 180cm
Weight: 80kg

Career Highlights:

– 2016 ISDE – E3 Champion
– 2016 ISDE – 2nd Outright
– 2016 Australian Off-Road Champion
– A4DE/AORC E3 Champion
– 2016 Hattah Desert Race 2nd outright
– 2015 ISDE E3 Champion

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