Cleverly Combatting Bike Theft

5 months ago | Words: Andy Wigan

Offroad Register, Australia’s first national off-road registration system, was established primarily to combat the scourge that is motorcycle theft. But how does it do it, what else does this business do, what other benefits does it offer members, and what’s it cost to sign up?
We threw these questions at Greg Naso, the Business Development Manager for Offroad Register

What is Offroad Register?
Offroad Register’s an advanced registry system created to combat motorbike theft and help buyers identify stolen bikes. We’re the first system that’s partnered with Motorcycling Australia, dealers and even clubs to reduce theft and return bikes to their rightful owner.

How does Offroad Register work?
Our system links a motorbike with its owner, using VIN, engine numbers and photos. This creates a national public record of ownership. When a bike is stolen, it’s flagged, allowing the owner to receive real-time location updates from the crowd, tracking its path and direction. We also provide a free instant VIN check for buyers to identify if a bike’s been stolen, saving them from the hassle of unknowingly purchasing stolen goods.

What makes Offroad Register different than PPSR or any other VIN check systems?
Well, Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) charge a fee to search their system and only show details for road licensed vehicles and vehicles with finance. Often searches for off-road bikes are returned with no information, which leaves the buyer no better off. Offroad Register differs by allowing all vehicles to be registered on our system, licensed or not. We provide a free search and allow the owner to instantly flag their vehicle as stolen. This gives buyers using the search a real-time status of the vehicle, as well as the ability to message the owner directly with its location, while keeping personal details private. We’ve also partnered with Motorcycling Australia, dealers, service centres, clubs and tracks around Australia to identify stolen bikes and return them to their owners as well as banning their use, making them unusable and pointless to own, which ultimately reduces theft.

What is a VIN and where is it located on my bike?
A VIN, or vehicle identification number, is a unique 17-digit identifying number. Every off-road vehicle has a VIN, which is stamped on the frame by the manufacturer. On bikes, it is located on the neck just under the handlebars. If this has been scratched off, it is a good indicator that the bike has been stolen at some time.

What vehicles can I register with Offroad Register?
Offroad Register exists specifically for off-road vehicles. We generally register two-wheel motocross bikes, quad bikes and track racing bikes.

Are there any more benefits of registering my bike with Offroad Register?
In addition to the registration, owners can log the servicing history of their bike, making it easy for owners to prove the condition of the bike when selling and increasing its value.

Who can register their bike with Offroad Register?
Any Australian resident over the age of 16.

Can my details can be accessed by people on the website, and how is my privacy protected?
When a search is conducted, only your first name, suburb, profile picture and bike is shown. All communication with our system is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, protecting your information from hackers.

What is the future for Offroad Register?
We see every bike in Australia secured with Offroad Register registration, and as a result theft is almost non-existent. To achieve this, we are constantly innovating and implementing new technology to secure and track bikes, reduce theft and help buyers identify whether bikes have been stolen. 

How much does it cost to register on Offroad Register?
Registration is $25 per year. However, we’ve partnered with dealers, who include Offroad Register registration with bike purchases, and clubs that include it with their memberships. Ask your club and dealer if they include Offroad Register.

Where do I find out more and sign up to Offroad Register?
You can purchase registration directly from our website at www.offroadregister.com.au

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