All-New Flat Track Championship for Oz

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It’s no secret that Dirt Track racing needs a shot in the arm. Well, this series will be a shot of adrenaline like we’ve never seen before. Motorcycling NSW has been looking at all sorts of avenues and has spoken to lots of people, both in the sport and those who are currently forced out of it (and there are lots of them), to look for ideas that will attract more riders. The Sultans of Slide is a chance for MNSW to try out a whole bunch of those ideas at once and see what everyone likes. Who knows, they may even find some amazing answers and ways to grow the sport. Either way, MNSW are planning to shake things up, challenge the old ways, and have a whole lot of fun along the way.
Let’s take a look at what MNSW are bringing to the table for Sultans of Slide. Here’s the official news from MNSW…

Here are some of the things people suggested to us that we have tried to change for the series;

  • We can’t afford more than one bike for our child, so we feel excluded.
  • There are too many classes at dirt track.
  • Dad’s sick of looking after four bikes all day.
  • I want to be able to throw one bike in the ute and go racing.
  • We don’t get enough track time.
  • There’s not enough variety, it’s the same track all the time.
  • We don’t ride oil tracks, because it’s too expensive to set up for both oil and dirt.
  • Trials tyres are expensive and don’t last.
  • We want a pathway to international racing.
  • It’s the same blokes on the same bikes in three classes.
  • We need a senior Clubman class.
  • 250 smokers should race against the 250 four-strokes.
  • We want to see some proper big bikes go around.
  • There’s no prizemoney in Dirt Track.
  • We want TT tracks.

The Sultans of Slide will see riders racing in one class, using one bike, over seven races, varying from four to 15 laps, on two different track layouts, on both oil and loose dirt, under sunshine and lights, at three different venues across NSW. Phew. That’s a lot of change.
In yet another win for the new concept in Australian Flat Track racing, Dunlop has joined forces with Motorcycling NSW to support the Sultans of Slide as it draws attention back to some of Australia’s most skilled motorcycle racers.

Dunlop is a brand with a long association with motorcycle racing in all its forms, from juniors to seniors, road and dirt, in both local and global events. This partnership is yet another indication of Dunlop’s commitment to racing in Australia. With the senior Sultans of Slide competitors racing on 19-inch wheels, much like those in the AMA Flat Track Championship where the Dunlop DT3 is a control tyre, it was a simple decision for the team behind Dunlop Motorcycle tyres in Australia: Ficeda Accessories.

Dunlop Motorsport Manager Robbie Bugden: “I grew up racing dirt track. It’s where I learnt a lot of skills before I went on to eventually race superbikes, so I’m personally really excited to be a part of something that shines a light on this discipline. Dunlop has a strong racing heritage around the world, and we, of course, have the DT3 tyres as a control tyre in AMA Flat Track, so it’s a natural fit to partner with the Sultans of Slide. With open tyre rules in this series, we welcome the competition, and can’t wait to see some exciting racing at all three rounds. Maybe I’ll have to consider dusting the gear off and having a race!”

Motorcycling NSW CEO, Dave Cooke: “I’m really happy to welcome a brand of Dunlop’s calibre to the Sultans of Slide. The concept really looks to be gaining some momentum as the details are released, and it’s great to see brands and companies recognising the importance of racing to their business. As a world-leading tyre manufacturer, present in racing at the highest level, it’s a real boost of confidence that the broader motorcycling community is getting behind some of the initiatives the event is experimenting with.”

With series entries opening soon, Sultans of Slide continues to gain momentum as a new and exciting option for motorcycle racers.

Event Calendar

  • Round 1 Wagga Wagga – November 23, 2019
  • Round 2 Appin – November 30, 2019
  • Round 3 Macleay – December 7, 2019


JUNIORS (riders to choose one class only)

  • 50cc Div 2 (7 to under 9)
  • 65cc (8 to under 11)
  • 85cc 2t & 150cc 4t (10 to under 14)
  • Junior Lites up to 150cc 2t & 250cc 4t (13 to under 16)

SENIORS (riders to choose one class only unless riding in Open Multi, which may be entered in addition to any other class)

  • Clubman (MX Frame Up to 450cc 4T)
  • MX 250 (two or four-stroke up to 250cc)
  • MX 450 (four-stroke 450cc or two-stroke 350cc)
  • Open Multi (multi-cylinder any capacity)

For more, visit www.motorcycling.com.au

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