A Registrable Yamaha YZ125/250X?

2 months ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Yamaha Motor Australia

The appearance of an all-new Yamaha YZ125X with at the recent Sunny Corner Trail Bike Ride has reignited rumours that Yamaha Motor Australia (YMA) is in the process of making their YZ125X and YZ250X two-stroke cross-country models fully road-registrable. And why wouldn’t they want ADR compliance for these models? Surely Yamaha isn’t the only Japanese manufacturer who wants in on the lucrative registrable two-stroke enduro bike market that the European brands have been dining out on exclusively for many years now in Oz.
But is there any truth in the rumours? Will we see a fully registrable, ADR-compliant YZ125X and/or YZ250X in the foreseeable future in Oz?

According to Sean Goldhawk, the Marketing Manager for YMA’s Motorcycle and ATV Division, “The YZ125X that we had at the Sunny Corner Ride was registered, but only via Lithgow Council for Sunny Corner as a one-off event thing. These models now come with Rec Rego kits fitted as standard, which makes them registrable in Victoria and gives them greater customer appeal. I can confirm that we are working on ADR for both the YZ125X and YZ250X. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a timeframe on that just yet.”

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