What is it?

The Transmoto 8-Hour is a unique, team-based dirt-bike event that’s somewhere between a recreational trailbike rally and an enduro race. It’s a shorter, punchier, less challenging version of the notorious Transmoto 12-Hour, which has been running since 2011, but still caters to riders of all levels. And, in keeping with the 12-Hour’s successful recipe, the 8-Hour focuses on fun-factor rather than officialdom.

Where is it?

While the remote Victorian High Plains township of Dargo may be best known for the historic part it played in the region’s gold mining and cattle mustering past, a new legend was born in Dargo in 2016: The Transmoto 8-Hour. The event was such a hit with landowners, local businesses and council that we’ve secured a five-year permit to ensure Dargo remains an annual stop on the Transmoto Enduro Events calendar.Setting the Dargo event apart from all others is its Man From Snowy River mountaintop vistas, and the convenient fact its staging area is located adjacent to the Dargo River Inn – a classic country pub that was converted from a sawmill – which serves up wholesome meals, cold ales and a great atmosphere. Situated four hours’ drive east of Melbourne, and easily accessible from the alpine regions and NSW south coast, the Dargo-based Transmoto 8-Hour will turn on an experience you’ll never forget.

When is it?

This year’s Transmoto 8-Hour will take place on the weekend of October 13-14, 2018. Registration starts at noon on Saturday, with racing on the Sunday. Round up your mates, dust off the camping gear, and set the wheels in motion for a weekend worth of roadtripping and riding.

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