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11 years ago

Transmoto, Australia’s leading cross-media brand for dirt bike enthusiasts, today re-launched their major digital property –

“The digital domain remains key to Transmoto’s future plans,” says Phil Osborn, Sales Director of Transmoto, Surfing World and Coastalwatch. “We’re seeing consistent, solid growth across Transmoto’s digital audience, whether it’s on or with our 40,000-strong social media followers.”

According to Transmoto’s Managing Editor, Andy Wigan, “The core principles of high-quality, exclusive content remain unchanged, irrespective of the platform it’s delivered on. The fantastic thing about Transmoto’s fast-growing digital and social media audiences is that it gives us a much clearer picture of what our readers want on a daily basis. The monthly magazine’s content then benefits directly from those insights.”

For the first time, Transmoto’s website will be fully optimised for mobile devices. That means it delivers a better experience for the rapidly expanding audience who consumes web content solely on smart phones and tablet devices.

“This new site is a major step forward for Transmoto”, says Andrew Hobbs, Transmoto’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “This site now makes it easier for users to engage with Transmoto and enjoy our high-quality editorial product. Mobile optimisation goes beyond just the user experience. We’ve also optimised our advertising placements so they size according to the user’s device. This is key to ensuring that ad creative – and hence the brand message – are received by the consumer correctly.”

Founded in 2010, Transmoto is a new media company with a multi-channel print, digital and events approach. Transmoto Dirt Bike Magazine is an award-winning print and digital publication, having captured two major Magazine Publishers of Australia awards. is Australia’s most popular motorcycle magazine-style website, and the only website that covers all areas of the sport. The Transmoto 12-Hour is an annual recreational event which has sold out every year since its inception in 2011.