2015 Transmoto 6-Hour Highlights

Gunns Gully played host to the inaugural Transmoto 6-Hour, but little did we or the beautiful land know how the winter weather would hold up, which eventuated in soft ground, challenging conditions and more than a few laughs. It was a gathering of the tribe, a tough course and an event to remember. Sit back and enjoy the official Transmoto 6-Hour highlights video shot from the hills, gullies, riders and air from 2015.

 6-Hour Gallery

Feast your eyes on the images from the inaugural Transmoto 6-Hour in 2015 – photos shot by Jarrad Duffy unless noted.


The Big Kahuna, Kim Sundell helping attendees navigate the pit area. 


Team effort to help fellow riders. 


Keeping the crowd entertained was Transmoto’s Phil Osborn all weekend. 


Registration bonus thanks to Novik Gloves.


Bon fire, ready to ignite.


Myles Bowen kicked off the Dunlop Tyre Challenge during registration on Saturday.

_S0A4872.Transmoto6-Hour.JarradDuffyPhotoBrotherly rivalry saw Mitch Bowen quickly compete next for a new set of Dunlop tyres. 


The crowds gathered as the crew continued to battle it out. 


Eventual Ironman Category winner, Kye Anderson lays a quick change time too. 


Matt Dymock gripped and threaded the Dunlop Tyre Challenge with the fastest time of 55 seconds!


Mitch Bowen’s KTM. 


KTM Newcastle’s set up, shmick. 


Lucky raffle prize winner with a set of Dunlops


Transmoto Editor Andy Wigan hosted Bike Talk with Glenn Kearney featuring Husqvarna team bike. 


Also featured was Mitch Bowen’s KTM. 


Pit area under the dark of night with cold beers, warm fires and good mates. 


Transmoto 6-Hour powered by Insure My Ride startline, stacked and ready to go. 


Revved and ready for action.

drone 6-hour

Drone footage courtesy of Trent Van Winden, more to come in the next Transmoto 6-Hour video!


The calm before the storm. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.12.45 pm.Transmoto6-Hour.TrentVanwindenPhoto

Off and racing. Photo: Trent Van Winden,


This first creek crossing claimed more than a few riders straight off the bat and into the day. 


For example, after a couple of laps. 


The first corner was slick. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.14.21 pm.Transmoto6-Hour.TrentVanwindenPhoto

Birds eye view of the pit exit corner. Photo: Trent Van Winden,

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.13.32 pm.Transmoto6-Hour.TrentVanwindenPhoto

Real slick! Photo: Trent Van Winden,


KTM Newcastle and Novik Glove’s Mitch Bowen, full throttle through the trees that lined the Pit Area. 


Opening it up in the race lane. 


Awesome to see the Queensland contingent from Sunshine Coast MCC down south and having a blast! 


Consistent pace all day and a great effort from Kristy McAndrew.


Up the hills, grip and rip. 


Goggles optional. 


One and a….




Into the trees, riders entered Dungog country, up across dry ridges, into wet gullys and back again. 


Upon release from the bush they were met with Dreamy Valley, a slippery slope down and back to the pits. 




What it’s all about..


Mitch Bowen, up close and open throttle! Photo: John Pearson 


Well, better there than in the soup.

_DBM5952.Transmoto6-Hour.JarradDuffyPhoto Perfect execution. 


Finish line glory. 


Mens Pairs winner Josh Green, smiles all round. 


Huge effort from all riders, here are the Team-of-Three winners, check results here
1st: Chris Watson Motorcycles Team 3 (Ethan Baillie, Wes Keeley, Hayden Keeley)
2nd: Team Screams (Jarrod Wilson, Ethan Sutton, Luke Tisdale)
3rd: The 3 Amigos (Jake Mead, Cameron Taylor, James Trapp)


Transmoto Event Manager Robbie Warden decided to cut a lap at the end of the day on his 83′ XT550, pictured here welcomed back to the pits by Dargo River Inn proprietor and Transmoto 6-Hour lead hand Christian Barrett, thumbs up he made it back in one piece. Photo: John Pearson. 


Rainbows, Unicorns and Racing. A coat of arms for those who survived the mighty course, a huge thanks to our sponsors who made this epic event possible. 

Insure My Ride


KTM Australia




Cessnock KTM


KTM Newcastle

Chris Watson Motorcycles



Audio Australia



Stay tuned for more action to check out, including a new video and full feature in our next issue..

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