Ride… It’s More Important Than Ever

4 months ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Simon Barratt

“When China sneezes, Australia catches a cold” – that overused economists’ saying has sure taken on new meaning in recent weeks. Put simply, the Covid-19 pandemic has put human beings in uncharted territory. And with this health crisis blindside coming hard on the heels of a protracted drought, devastating fire season, biblical flooding and damaging hailstorms, Australia has been particularly hard hit. Which means it’s going to take resilience and positivity to limit the human and economic toll of these back-to-back events.

Thankfully, a crisis can also bring clarity and focus; clarity about what matters and what doesn’t, and focus on the importance of the people we love and the things we love doing. And as our government has made it clear that the restrictions on our lives are likely to be in place for quite some time, doing the things you love – the things that sustain your wellbeing – are more important than ever.

Our mission at Transmoto has always been about inspiring people to get their bikes out of the garage; to grow and connect the dirt bike community through fun events, thumb-stopping content, and a shared passion for off-road adventure. And right now, we feel a greater responsibility than ever to share that message; to remind everyone in the dirt bike community to not only look after those you love, but to also look after yourselves by getting out there and doing what you love. So, next time you’re on the couch being a diligent little self-isolator, consider how you could be a better one. Bung on a helmet and gloves and get out there for a ride. After all, is there a better way to practice socially distancing?

Do that, and you’ll be better placed to help those around you. And you’ll be supporting Australia’s motorcycle industry. Yep, simultaneously, you’ll be a self-isolation lord (showering your riding mates with roost, not germs); sustaining your own physical and mental wellbeing (fitting your own oxygen mask first); and supporting an industry that’s played a part in fuelling your passion.
It goes without saying that, with this rapidly evolving situation, we’ll be abiding by the health experts’ latest advice about social distancing, and exercising social responsibility when it comes to our actions and human interactions. But – even if it has to be in small groups, or solo – we plan to be getting out there and looking after the world in our own little two-wheeled way.

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