One Amarockin’ TV Ad

5 months ago | Words: Andy Wigan

It never ceases to amaze how many TV commercials fall flat on their faces. In spite of massive budgets and a team of overpaid ad agency creatives behind them, most TVCs feel about as engaging as a 2am session of Parliamentary Question Time. Whatever they’re selling, I’m just not buying it. No one is. Conversation. Rate. Equals. Zero!

Admittedly, shithouse TVCs are often the result of compromise or too much meddling by the client (what is it they say? … “a horse designed by a committee is a camel!”). And when it comes to motor vehicle or motorcycle ads on TV, it is true that ad agencies have to work within a highly regulated legal framework. Put simply, it’s near impossible to depict any car or motorcycle in a way that makes it look remotely fast or exciting or powerful or racy. Or worth buying!

So, take a look at how the ad agency behind VW’s latest TVC cleverly got around this regulatory issue. They hid it in plain sight, referring to the new Amarok V6 as “Too Powerful For TV” and “Creating the Most Power Ute Ad Ever”. And in doing so, they created satirical gold. It’s one of the most amusing and engaging TVCs we’re seen for a long time. Check it out…

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