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1 month ago

Tested: GET RX1-EVO & LC GPA

Traction control for your Honda? Yep. We test GET’s RX1-Evo ECU and ‘GET Power Assist’ technology.

6 months ago

Review: SJS Smart Start Charger

This thing has saved our arses countless times in the past 12 months, and it now goes everywhere we go.

6 months ago

GET Takes Mapping To A New Level

GET has complemented its performance ECUs with new mind-blowing technology for new-gen Hondas.

7 months ago

Testimonial: Goggleman RX Adaptor

Danny Sherwell offers up his take on the revolutionary Prescription RX Goggle Adaptor from Goggleman.

8 months ago

Review: Michelin Starcross 5 Tyres

Just how good are Michelin’s new StarCross 5 hoops? Here’s what we reckon after six months of testing.

8 months ago

Review: Leatt C-Frame Kneebraces

Leatt has departed from convention with its single-hinge C-Frame kneebrace.

11 months ago

Review: Oakley Prizm MX Lenses

Oakley’s all-new Prizm MX Lenses genuinely give you clearer and more defined vision.