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3 weeks ago

Review: M2R X4.5 Helmet

We review M2R’s lightweight, competitively priced and comfortable X4.5 lid.

3 weeks ago

Review: EKS Brand EKS-S Goggle

We review EKS Brand’s competitively priced, comfortable and colourful EKS-S goggle.

5 months ago

Review: Troy Lee Designs Adventure Gear

We review Troy Lee Design’s stylish, streamlined and immediately comfortable Radius adventure riding gear.

5 months ago

Review: Leatt 4.5 Chest Protector

We review the top-of-the-line, CE-certified upper body armour from protection equipment specialist, Leatt.

5 months ago

Review: Mobius X8 Kneebrace

The Mobius X8 kneebrace is the result of seven years of R&D and testing. But, how does it perform?

5 months ago

Review: DNA Stage 2 Air Filter Kit

This DNA stage 2 air filter kit improves airflow and power on Yamaha’s new gen YZ-F and WR-F models.

7 months ago

Tested: GET RX1-EVO & LC GPA

Traction control for your Honda? Yep. We test GET’s RX1-Evo ECU and ‘GET Power Assist’ technology.

11 months ago

Review: SJS Smart Start Charger

This thing has saved our arses countless times in the past 12 months, and it now goes everywhere we go.

12 months ago

GET Takes Mapping To A New Level

GET has complemented its performance ECUs with new mind-blowing technology for new-gen Hondas.

1 year ago

Testimonial: Goggleman RX Adaptor

Danny Sherwell offers up his take on the revolutionary Prescription RX Goggle Adaptor from Goggleman.

1 year ago

Review: Michelin Starcross 5 Tyres

Just how good are Michelin’s new StarCross 5 hoops? Here’s what we reckon after six months of testing.

1 year ago

Review: Leatt C-Frame Kneebraces

Leatt has departed from convention with its single-hinge C-Frame kneebrace.

1 year ago

Review: Oakley Prizm MX Lenses

Oakley’s all-new Prizm MX Lenses genuinely give you clearer and more defined vision.