Features [Products]

5 months ago

Fresh Product: Ballard’s Hydraulic Scissor Lift Stand

Is it time to save your back (and step your workshop act up) with a Ballard’s Hydraulic Scissor Lift Stand?

7 months ago

5 Reasons Why Enduro Riders Need a Hydration Pack

Hydration packs are very popular here in Oz. Find out why you see so many of them swinging off riders’ backs.

7 months ago

Tested: Michelin Tracker Enduro Tyres

Michelin’s new Tracker tyres: designed as road-legal all-round enduro hoops, but rated by racers.

7 months ago

Tested: Ballard’s Forearm Elbow Guards

With Ballard’s Forearm Elbow Guards, less weight means less tight elastic straps, which means less arm pump. Amen!

11 months ago

Fresh Product: 2021 Fox Range

Fox has unveiled its highly anticipated MX21 range; including the new 360, Flexair and Airline racewear.

11 months ago

How-To: Make Your KTM/Husky 125/150 2T a Rocket

Can you make one of the world’s funnest bikes even better? You bet you can!

11 months ago

Fresh Product: Lectron Carburetor Kit

Are you a two-stroke frother from way back? Well, get a hold of this carburetor because it’ll blow your mind!

11 months ago

New Product: Ballard’s Ultimate Tyre Levers (Type 2)

New, improved, and guaranteed to make a tough job much easier.

12 months ago

Fresh Product: Dunlop’s Trailmax Mission Tyre

Dunlop’s all-new Trailmax Mission – claimed to be a super-veratile, complete reinvention of the 50/50 tyre concept.

1 year ago

Tested: FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Muffler

Product Review: FMF’s Factory 4.1 RCT Muffler for Husqvarna’s 2020 FE350.

1 year ago

Tested: Neken SFH Intermediate & Small Grips

Neken’s new smaller-diameter SFH grips are designed to suit smaller-mitted riders. And they work a treat!

1 year ago

New Product: Ballard’s Boot Wash Stand

The Ballard’s Boot Wash Stand – a smart way to help wash and dry your valuable moto kicks.

1 year ago

Tested: Ballard’s Narrow T-bar Set

These might just prevent you from spitting the dummy, all because of that one nut you couldn’t reach.

1 year ago

Tested: Ballard’s ‘The Guzzla’ Hydration Pack

Ballard’s “The Guzzla” pack comes with a four-point harness, stretchy pockets, and a 2L bladder. All for $80!

1 year ago

New Product: KTM’s Tourrain WP Adv Gear

If you’re an adventure rider, KTM’s new Tourrain WP PowerWear line has to be on your radar.

1 year ago

New Product: XTread MXE-24 Tyres

The all-new XTread MXE-24 tyres are designed for soft to intermediate conditions, and both MX and enduro.