Features [Products]

2 weeks ago

Product: Ballard’s Dirt Bike Carrier

Ballard’s new Motorbike Rack/Carrier is the perfect option for low-budget, safe transportation of your bike.

2 weeks ago

Rated: Scott MX550 Helmet

The Scott MX550 features cutting-edge technology, and won’t break the bank, but just how good is it?

2 weeks ago

Insight into Ballard’s Off Road

Australian off-road motorcycle parts manufacturer, Ballard’s Off Road, froths on riding as much as you.

2 weeks ago

Product: Ballard’s Tyre Valve Kit

Geoff Ballard runs us through the Ballard’s Tyre Valve Kit; a cost-effective must-have for anyone’s toolbox. 

3 weeks ago

Product: Fox MX19 Range

Fox has unveiled its highly anticipated MX19 range; including the new 360, Flexair and Airline racewear.

1 month ago

Rated: WP Xplor Fork Cap Preload Adjusters

We rate WP Suspension’s ingenious tool-free fork spring preload adjusters – a world first!

1 month ago

New Product: Dunlop MX33 Tyres

Dunlop gives its most popular off-road tyre, the Geomax MX3S, an overhaul. Meet the all-new MX33.

1 month ago

FunnelWeb Yamaha YZ65 Air Filter

Sick of cleaning and oiling air filters regularly? This filter will save you that extra time, so you can ride more.

1 month ago

Product: Scott Light-Sensitive Lenses

Sick of struggling for vision when you’re trail riding in and out of different lighting situations. This is the answer.

2 months ago

Ballard’s 2-Stroke Expansion Chamber

Is this the strongest two-stroke expansion chamber ever made? Geoff Ballard puts it to the test with a hammer.

2 months ago

🎥 Review: Fox Vue Goggle

We put Fox’s new top-of-the-line goggle through its paces to find out if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.

2 months ago

Product: GET’s New 2T ECU & Injector Kit

GET has just released an aftermarket ECU and injector kit for KTM/Husky’s fuel-injected two-strokes.

2 months ago

Product: Scott Prospect Mojave Goggle

From the badlands of the southwestern desert comes Scott’s Limited Edition Prospect Mojave goggle.

4 months ago

Product: USWE Hydration Packs

We break down the key features of Swedish company USWE’s innovative hydration packs.

4 months ago

Review: Axo Pentagon Morpho Armour

We put Axo’s Pentagon Morpho armour to the test to see if it really is great value for money.

5 months ago

Product: 2018 Shoei VFX-WR Helmet

This new Shoei lid has been completely redesigned and re-engineered. So what’s new? Find out here…