Features [How-to]

1 week ago

How-To: Corner Speed

Our favourite mulleted maniac, Toby Price, explains how to carry more speed and style through turns.

3 weeks ago

10 Signs Your 4-Stroke Is Getting Tired

Let’s delve deep into the unknown and find out why your bike isn’t running how it should be.

4 months ago

How-To Riding: 10 Biggest Mistakes

We flesh out the 10 most common mistakes we’re all guilty of and explain how to avoid them in the future.

5 months ago

How-To: Build A Bulletproof Race Bike

We take an in-depth look at what goes into building an off-road race bike, and even how to race one too.

5 months ago

How-To: Fix a Retracting KTM Sidestand

Does your side stand flick up automatically on your KTM or Husqvarna? Here’s how to fix it, it’s super simple.

5 months ago

DIY Workshop: Linkage Maintenance

A foolproof, step-by-step guide to inspecting, diagnosing and greasing your bike’s swingarm linkage.

7 months ago

How-To: Tight Terrain Techniques

Reigning A4DE and AORC champ, KTM’s Daniel Milner, shows you the quickest line through the trees.

7 months ago

How-To: Maintain Your Four-Stroke

We teach you everything you need to know about preventative maintenance for your four-stroke engine.

8 months ago

How-To: Choose The Correct Chain

We take a look at the advantages of both standard mx and o-ring chains, and analyze their components.

9 months ago

How-To: Wash Your Dirt Bike

Cleaning your dirt bike might seem like an easy task, but are you doing it the best you could be?

9 months ago

Husqvarna’s Aussie 701 Enduro Trek

Four days riding across Victoria’s beautiful High Country, 1200-kilometres in distance, supported by Husqvarna.

9 months ago

How-To: DIY Head Bearings

Save a trip to the mechanic and head to the shed. We’re showing you how to replace your head bearings.

10 months ago

How-To: Rebuild a Two-Stroke Top-End

We take you through the critical steps to install a new piston and rings on your two-smoker.

10 months ago

How-To: Clean & Oil an Air Filter

Handy tips for cleaning and oiling your air filter that’ll save you time and money.

10 months ago

How-To: Fit Handguards

We take you through a foolproof, step-by-step guide to installing full-wrap handguards.

10 months ago

🎥 How-To: Fix a Dented Two-Stroke Pipe

We’ve all smashed a pipe or two in the bush, but did you know you can save money by getting it fixed?