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First Look: Yamaha’s 2021 MX Range

Yamaha’s 2021 MX range is spearheaded by an all-new YZ250F, race-kitted YZ125/250, and much-upgraded YZ450FX.

2 weeks ago

First Look: 2021 Husqvarna MX Range

An all-new tuning app and big upgrades to suspension spearhead the changes to Husky’s 2021 MX models.

1 month ago

First Look: 2021 KTM Motocross Range

Updates to the suspension, chassis, and graphics across the board. Plus KTM’s first-ever smartphone tuning technology.

1 month ago

First Look: 2021 Husky Enduro Range

Husqvarna’s seven-model enduro range – reinvented for 2020, refined for 2021. And available in Oz and NZ from October.

2 months ago

First Look: 2021 KTM Enduro Range

KTM details the refinements made to its 2021 EXC and EXC-F models.

2 months ago

Husqvarna’s New 701 Enduro LR

Go further with Husky’s new 701 Enduro LR (Long-Range), which comes with a 25-litre fuel tank.

3 months ago

2020 Yamaha WR250F: Component Check

Yamaha’s much-evolved 2020 WR250F: the standout performance and component changes – Part 3.

4 months ago

2020 Yamaha WR250F: The Performance

Yamaha’s much-evolved 2020 WR250F: the standout performance and component changes – Part 2.

4 months ago

In-Detail: KTM’s SX-E 5 (Electric-Model)

Find out everything there is to know about the game-changing electric machine, KTM’s SX-E 5 minicycle.

5 months ago

Husky Races Norden 901 Into Production

Husqvarna confirms the production of its first ‘Travel Enduro’ model, the head-turning Norden 901.

6 months ago

KTM’s 2020 EXC Range: R&D Insights

The Head of Enduro Platform for KTM, Rupi Walkner, speaks candidly about the 2020 models’ R&D process.

1 year ago

Tested: KTM’s 2020 Enduro Range

Here’s what we learned about KTM’s significantly evolved 2020 enduro models at last week’s media launch in Spain.

1 year ago

2020 KTM Enduro Bikes – First Look

With even more bling-for-your-buck straight out of the factory, the 2020 KTM enduro machines look the part.

1 year ago

2020 Husky Cross-Country & MX Models

The addition of a cross-country Husqvarna TX300i, updated ‘XACT’ suspension front to rear, and more.

1 year ago

KTM’s 790 Adventure Models: R&D Insight

The R&D process that made KTM’s 790 Adventure R the most performance-oriented bike in its segment.

1 year ago

KTM 790 Adventure Models: In Context

What riders are KTM’s new 790 Adventure models aimed at? The 790’s Product Manager, explains…

1 year ago