Features [Long-term Bikes]

1 month ago

2020 250EXC Mods: What to Fit & Why

Cost-effective parts and practical mods to customise the set-up of KTM’s 2020-model 250EXC TPI.

11 months ago

Rated: Husqvarna PHDS Bar Mounts

We reckon this Progressive Handlebar Damping System is one of the best mods you can make to your Husky.

12 months ago

The Ultimate Ironman Machine

Eight-time Transmoto Ironman winner, Kye Anderson, unveils his ultimate bike set-up for endurance races.

1 year ago

2019 FE350 Mods: What to Fit & Why

How did we modify our 2019 Husqvarna FE350 project bike? Let’s detail what, and why…

1 year ago

How-To: Fit a 2T Ignition Map Switch

Open up more possibilities on your KTM two-stroke with a two-stage map selector ignition switch.

2 years ago

Yamaha YZ65 Cup: Image Gallery

Pictorial snapshot of 30 juniors frothing over the weekend’s YZ65 Cup at Round 7 & 8 of the MX Nats.

2 years ago

🎥 2018 KTM 500EXC-F: First Mods

The best bang-for-buck mods you can make to KTM’s biggest-selling model, the 2018 500EXC-F.

2 years ago

First Impression: 2018 WR250F

Just how far has Yamaha’s WR250F come since the new-gen model was launched in 2015?

2 years ago

🎥 Project Bike: Husqvarna FE450

Wanna know the best bang-for-your-buck bolt-ons for your 2017 FE450? Here’s what, and why.

3 years ago

KTM 2Ts: Benefits of Reduced Vibration

Did you know reduced vibration creates less wear and tear on bushings, and is easier to setup suspension?

3 years ago

2017 KTM 250EXC: 5 Best Mods

The five best bang-for-your-buck mods you can perform to improve your 2017 KTM 250EXC.

3 years ago

Project 2017 FE450: Parts Fitted

Here’s a rundown of what parts we fitted to our 2017 Husqvarna FE450 project bike, and why.

3 years ago

Project 2017 YZ250FX: Ride Impression

We enlisted the help of some non-conventional ‘testers’ to share their feedback on Transmoto’s 2017 YZ250FX.

3 years ago

Deus & the YZ250FX Project Bike

Deus and Transmoto’s Robbie Warden explore the Byron Hinterland aboard Yamaha’s new and old machines.

3 years ago

Project 2017 KTM 250EXC: The Power

We break down the key power delivery (and reduced vibration) characteristics of KTM’s all-new 250EXC.

3 years ago

2017 YZ250FX: 5 Reasons To Consider It

Want a perky little all-rounder? Here are five compelling reasons to consider Yamaha’s 2017 YZ250FX.