Features [Bikes]

3 weeks ago

First Look: KTM 890 Adventure R & Adventure R Rally

Are you a fan of KTM 790 Adventure R? Well you better get ready because this new 890 machine is next level!

3 weeks ago

2021 Enduro Bike Prices: 6 Major Brands Compared

A handy table of easy-to-compare prices for 2021 model enduro and cross-country models (special editions included).

4 weeks ago

First Look: 2021 WESS Edition KTM 350EXC-F

Is this the best looking KTM ever made? We think it’s going to be hard to beat!

1 month ago

First Look: 2021 GasGas Ranges – MX, Enduro, Mini

GasGas Motorcycles are back! Take a geez at the all-new line-up of motocross, enduro, and mini motorcycles.

2 months ago

KTM’s myKTM Wireless Smartphone Tuning: Your FAQs Answered

KTM’s all-new myKTM app is arguably the market’s most sophisticated electronic tuning tool for dirt bike owners.

2 months ago

2021 WR450F – Special “Aussie Edition”

Yami’s “Aussie Edition” 2021 WR450F – 400 units only, fitted with Aussie-sourced parts, $17K Ride Away!

2 months ago

Beta: 2021 Trial Bike Mods

For 2021, Beta’s trial bike range – four two-strokes and one four-stroke – get a bunch of mods to engine and suspension.

2 months ago

2021 Yamaha WR450F: First Look

The 2021 WR450F gets major upgrades that are claimed to make it “turn, stop and go better than ever before”.

2 months ago

Husky’s Vitpilen & Svartpilen Revealed

Husqvarna’s updated 2020 Vitpilen 401 and Svartpilen 401 are now in Aussie dealers, and priced at just $7K!

2 months ago

Bike Dissected: Daniel Milner’s 450EXC-F

Find out what makes this former ISDE and Australian AORC champ’s bike so special.

2 months ago

GasGas Trial Bikes: Now Available in Oz

The 2020 GasGas TXT trial bike range – now owned by KTM, but still produced in Spain – has arrived in Australia.

2 months ago

X-Trainer 300: Now Beta’s Biggest-Selling Model

The X-Trainer 300 – 99kg, around $11K, fun and easy to ride, and now Beta’s biggest-selling model in Oz!

2 months ago

How Much Did it Cost to Build This Custom KTM 450SX-F?

There’s nothing on this bike that hasn’t been upgraded, coated or polished. But the real question is, how much did it all cost?!

2 months ago

2021 Beta RR Models: The Upgrades

Beta’s eight-model 2021 enduro range gets a range of refinements, but prices remain unchanged from 2020.

2 months ago

2021 Honda CRF450R: Piece of Art!

Honda’s 2021 CRF450R: a landmark machine arrives two decades after its introduction to the MX world!

3 months ago

Explainer: The TPI System’s New Ambient Air Pressure Sensor

How much has the all-new ambient air pressure sensor improved KTM’s 2020-model TPI two-strokes? Significantly!