1 week ago

How-To: 2-Stroke Engine Maintenance

12 tips to help you prevent and diagnose potential problems with your two-stroke engine.

2 weeks ago

Product: GET Smart SOS Hour Meter

A wireless system that works with your smartphone to notify your emergency contacts in the case of a crash.

2 months ago

How-To: Change Brake Pads

Follow along for a step-by-step guide with the guys from ProX on how to change your brake pads.

4 months ago

How-To: Replace Front & Rear Sprockets

We show you how to replace the countershaft sprocket and the rear sprocket on your dirt bike.

4 months ago

How-To: Maintain Your Brake Systems

We take a look at how motorcycle brake systems work and the maintenance that comes along with them.

5 months ago

How-To: Replace Four-Stroke Valves

All that “fully-sick” limiter bashing on your four-banger means you might have to replace your valves soon…

7 months ago

Pro-X Partners with Transmoto … & The MXGP

ProX Racing Parts backs events – from grassroots enduro in Oz to the MXGP World Championship.

7 months ago

How-To: Throttle Cable Adjustments

How do you expect to do mad backflips and roost your mates without a throttle cable? That’s right, you can’t!

8 months ago

How-To: Clutch Cable Care

We show you why checking and maintaining your clutch cable is a lot more important than you think.

9 months ago

How-To: Replace a 4-Stroke Piston

Come along as we take you through a step-by-step process on how to change a piston in your 4-Stroke.

11 months ago

10 Tips For A Bottom-End Rebuild

If you’re mechanically minded and like the nitty-gritty of re-building a motorcycle, then this one’s for you.