About The Transmoto 8-Hour

The Transmoto 8-Hour is a team-based dirt bike event with an emphasis on:

  • Participation and the sense of accomplishment from finishing, not necessarily competing to win.
  • The mateship of racing as a team (though there are limited entries available in the Ironman class).
  • Offering a unique riding experience that can’t be found at other rallies, trailbike tours or enduro events.
  • Creating a relaxed and fun, but safe, environment.
  • Ensuring entrants have a memorable experience; one they’ll want to return to on an annual basis. 

Who Can Ride?

The 8-Hour is designed for riders of intermediate to advanced skill levels. It brings together the country’s fastest Pro riders and recreational riders who are entering their first ever race. In fact, the ability for faster riders to navigate their way through slower riders in a safe and courteous manner is a key skill for a winning team to master. 

The Location

The Transmoto 8-Hour will be held on private property in Dargo, Victoria (about 300km east of Melbourne) which is set at the base of the legendary Dargo High Plains. The enduro loop will feature grasstrack, singletrail and hillclimbs with stunning views across the Dargo Valley. The pits and campgrounds are located next to the Dargo River Inn, which will be catering food and beverages over the course of the weekend.

Event Schedule


  • 10am: Pit paddock opens to entrants
  • 11-4pm: Rider registration and bike scrutineering & transponder pick-up
  • 1pm-4pm: Sponsor activations and entertainment
  • 4-4:30pm: Rider’s briefing (and pole position auction)
  • 8pm: Movie night at the Dargo River Inn
  • 10pm: Generators off, lights out


  • 6am: Catering and coffee available at Dargo River Inn
  • 7am: Event start
  • 3pm: Event finish
  • 4-4:30pm: Presentation 

Entering The 8-Hour

  • Entry fees are: $300 for an Ironman entry, $500 for a Pairs team, $675 for a Team (of 3) and $860 for a Team (of 4) (no split payments), plus booking fee.
  • Correct rider information is essential for registration including: Full Name, DOB, Home Address, Email, Phone, T-Shirt Size, Team Name, MA Licence and Expiry, Bike Model.
  • If any rider does not have a current MA licence, they will be charged $75 for a One-Event Competition Licence fee (issued by Motorcycling Victoria) for insurance purposes.
  • Competitors will be emailed special information two weeks before the event.
  • Included in the entry fee: team transponder and brackets, camping, parking, a 8-Hour T-shirt, a temporary Oyster Bay MCC membership, and a competitor bag that includes all sorts of sponsors’ product.
  • Note also that, while amusing team names are part and parcel of team events, it’s important that entrants’ real names and details appear on any documentation – especially the One Event Competition Licence because it is an insurance document. In the event of an accident, I.P. Freely, Ghost Rider and Bush Whacker would discover their event insurance was void. Don’t risk it.

The Rules

  • The Transmoto 8-Hour is a unique, recreational dirt biking event. As such, there’s no set of fixed racing rules. Instead, there’s a set of guidelines – based on common sense and courtesy to fellow riders – that dictate how we would like to see everyone behave.
  • While there are no rules to dictate the make-up of a team, we urge Pro riders to team up with their less experienced mates. Having a four-man team full of super-fast Pros flies in the face of the event’s spirit. Yep, being too professional and overly serious is likely to attract attention to your team … for all the wrong reasons!
  • Please note that the event organisers reserve the right to exclude/disqualify/remove any party from the 8-Hour if they feel a rider or team is not conducting themselves in a manner commensurate with the event.
  • The 8-Hour Competitor Information Document will be sent to competitors two weeks before the event.

The Course

  • The course will be a loop of approximately 12km in length, comprising terrain that’s typical of an average trailride. This includes singletrack, fire roads and grasstrack sections.

The Race

  • The event itself operates as a relay race. Once riders complete their lap, or laps, they hand the team’s sole transponder over to a team member. The transponder is therefore the team’s baton.

Protective Equipment

  • All participants in the Transmoto 8-Hour are required to wear full protective equipment, including an Australian standards-approved riding helmet, boots, goggles, pants, shirt and gloves at all times.

Bike & Helmet Scrutineering

  • All bikes will be scrutineered before the start of the Transmoto 8-Hour, on Saturday, October 28. It is the responsibility of riders to ensure their bike is in good working order, in the opinion of the event organisers. Organisers reserve the right to decline any bike not deemed to be safe.
  • Competitors may ride as many bikes as they like (so long as they’ve all been scrutineered), and are free to change or share bikes with other competitors.
  • All motorcycles must meet the 94db noise limit.
  • Conventional race numbers will not be required on bikes. At sign-on, all riders will receive a sticker with their 8-Hour race number.
  • Helmets (which need to be an Australian standards-approved riding helmet, or international equivalent) are also required to be checked at scrutineering. 


  • All riders in the Transmoto 8-Hour must be 16 years of age or older on the day of the rider registration, Saturday, October 28 (Senior riders as sanctioned by Motorcycling Australia).
  • All riders must have current ambulance cover.
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to be considered fit to ride for the event. “Fit to ride” means that, in the organisers’ opinion, you are capable of completing the course without endangering yourself or other competitors.
  • Riders are strongly encouraged to use a hydration system, filled with an adequate supply of water and spares (tube, puncture kit, clutch/brake levers, etc).

Race Licence

  • All riders in the event must have either a Motorcycling Australia Licence, or purchase a One-Event Competition Licence for $75 from Motorcycling Victoria when registering teams online.


  • We’ve done some rough calculations, and by our reckoning, each team will need between four and six tanks (40-60 litres) of fuel to complete the event. This calculation assumes a single four-stroke running for the full 8 hours (bear in mind that most two-strokes are thirstier). You would then divide this calculation between however many bikes your team plans to use.
  • The nearest premium unleaded fuel is available just down the road at the Dargo General Store.
  • Anyone wishing to refuel their bikes in the pits will need to provide a fire extinguisher for their pit set-up.

Mechanical Support & Spare Parts

  • Bring with you any spares or tools you may need for running repairs during the event, and try to make sure your bike is serviced, well-maintained and up for the 8-Hour challenge before coming. Note that the Dargo General Store has a range of sprockets, lubricants, spares and tyre repair service available.

The ‘Vibe Of The Thing’

  • Proper rider etiquette is a big part of the Transmoto 8-Hour. We encourage good sportsmanship, care and courtesy towards other riders. We want everyone to have a good, positive experience.
  • A key element of the event is overtaking. The course is designed to allow multiple areas around the track where faster riders can pass slower riders easily and safely. If you find yourself behind a slower rider, be respectful of their event experience, show some patience and pass at the earliest safe opportunity. If you find yourself in a situation with a clearly faster rider behind you, show them courtesy by allowing them to overtake as soon as possible and give them plenty of room so they can do so safely.