Spaniard Toni Bou takes win at Australian Trials Championship

2 years ago

Ruthless Spaniard, Toni Bou, made it two wins in two days at the second round of the 2012 FIM Trial World Championship, held in Mount Tarrengower, Australia. The triumph saw Bou extend his lead in the series over fellow countryman, Adam Raga, to sixteen points after Raga was knocked off the podium on Sunday by another Spaniard, Jeroni Fajardo, and Japan’s Takahisa Fujinami in second and third respectively. Raga finished fourth.

Bou dropped just three marks on his first lap, which set the tone for a dominating performance. His second circulation would have been even more impressive were it not for a five on section fourteen. Until then, he had dabbed just twice and was in vintage form. He completed the day nine marks clear of runner-up Fajardo who, like Bou, had an excellent first lap en route to his second podium this season. Fujinami was a further twelve marks behind in third.

The course was easier on Day 2 as organisers had modified sections to reduce their severity. A lack of rain also made the going easier. Once again, a good crowd turned out to support the riders as they battled a cold wind that made conditions feel more like northern Europe than the southern hemisphere. Despite the changes, Raga had an inconsistent first lap and clocked up thirty marks, from which it was impossible to recover. Lap 2 was much better, but the damage had already been done. Spaniard Albert Cabestany’s performance mirrored Raga’s as he completed the top five.

In the Junior division Alexandre Ferrer demonstrated his intent once again with a superb victory over Francesc Moret. It was the Frenchman’s fourth consecutive triumph and it saw him extend his lead in the championship to twenty-one points over Moret, his Spanish rival. Having finished fifth on Saturday, Benoit Dagnicourt improved overnight to score a podium position ahead of Britain’s Jack Sheppard. New Zealand’s Jake Whitaker rounded out the top five while Pol Tarres was a disappointing sixth.

The podium on Day 2 in the Youth class was identical to that of day one, with France’s Steven Coquelin narrowly beating Bradley Cox to record his second win down under. There was very little in it, with just one mark separating the duelling pair. Sverre Lundevold took third place once again, the Norwegian a further two marks adrift of Cox. Kiwi Blake Fox was fourth, while fellow New Zealander John Hayes was fifth.

Toni Bou on the way two a double victory

Unfortunately, the Australian and New Zealand riders couldn’t compete with the front-runners, with the best result coming from New Zealand’s Jake Whitaker on Day 2 of the Open International with a fifth. Australia’s Kyle Middleton and Timothy Coleman stayed consistent over the two-day event and finished eighth and ninth, respectively, in the Open.

There is no rest for the riders now as they head straight to Japan for the third round of the 2012 FIM Trial World Championship this weekend. Raga will travel to Motegi with revenge in mind as he attempts to narrow the gap between Bou in what will be the third successive two-day Grand Prix this season.


Pro Day 1

1. Toni Bou
2. Adam Raga
3. Albert Cabestany
4. Takahisa Fujinami
5. Jeroni Fajardo
6. Daniel Oliveras
7. James Dabill
8. Gubian Loris
9. Jack Challoner
10. Michael Brown

Pro Day 2

1. Toni Bou
2. Jeroni Fajardo
3. Takahisa Fujinami
4. Raga Adam
5. Albert Cabestany
6. James Dabill
7. Jack Challoner
8. Matteo Grattarola
9. Loris Gubian
10. Daniel Oliveras

Open International Day 1

1. Alexandre Ferrer
2. Pol Tarres
3. Francesc Moret
4. Jack Sheppard
5. Benoit Dagnicourt
6. Pedersen Hakon
7. Jake Whitaker (NZ)
8. Kyle Middleton (AU)
9. Timothy Coleman (AU)
10. Neil Price (AU)
11. Boyd Willcocks (AU)
12. Colin Zarczynski (AU)
13. Chris Bayles (AU)

Open International Day 2

1. Alexandre Ferrer
2. Francesc Moret
3. Benoit Dagnicourt
4. Jack Sheppard
5. Jake Whitaker (NZ)
6. Pol Tarres
7. Pedersen Hakon
8. Kyle Middleton (AU)
9. Timothy Coleman (AU)
10. Neil Price (AU)
11. Boyd Willcocks (AU)
12. Chris Bayles (AU)

Junior Day 1

1. Alex Ferrer
2. Pol Tarres
3. Francesc Moret
4. Jack Sheppard
5. Benoit Dagnicourt
6. Hakon Pedersen
7. Jake Whitaker (NZ)
8. Kyle Middleton (AU)
9. Timothy Coleman (AU)
10. Boyd Willcocks (AU)
11. Chris Bayles (AU)

Junior Day 2

1. Akex Ferrer
2. Francesc Moret
3. Pol Tarres
4. Benoit Dagnicourt
5. Jack Sheppard
6. Cedric Tempier
7. Hakon Pedersen
8. Maxime Warenghien
9. Jake Whitaker (NZ)
10. Jorge Casales
11. Kyle Middleton (AU)
13. Timothy Coleman (AU)
15. Boyd Willcocks (AU)
16. Chris Bayles (AU)

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